Dealing with Difficult Situations

Course NumberDS2012
Course Fees$550 inc gst
Delivery ModeShort course, 1-on-1, corporate
Course Duration1 day 9-4pm

This workshop is designed to help you look at difficult situations from a strategic perspective, and understand how to act in such situations. You will learn about: identifying personality types, managing emotions, barriers to communication, understanding cultural differences, detecting and minimising conflict, preparing for difficult situations, diffusing aggression,

During this program you will be introduced to Enneagram, a personality system which describes nine distinct and fundamentally different patterns of thinking, feeling and action. This model is based on a perceptual filter which determines what you pay attention to and how you direct your energy. Using this tool to understand your preferences, you will learn how to have an advantage in a difficult situation.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this workshop, learners will:

  • understand the principles of the Enneagram tool and put them into practice
  • know how to identify and control their emotions
  • be aware of how cultural differences can affect a situation
  • understand how to minimise conflict and use communication techniques to convey their message

have the skills to identify, prepare and diffuse a difficult situation