Get on Track – Personal Productivity – 3 hr Focus Session

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Course NumberPEGOTFS
Course Fees$132 inc gst
Delivery ModeShort course, 1-on-1, corporate
Course Duration3 hrs

From Pareto to frogs, this focus session is packed with tips to get yourself back on track! Learn to plan and conquer your goals. Being organised is more than  having a to do list, it is about simplifying your life and managing your time wisely. 

This focus session explores simple, effective and fun ways to get organised. When life is bombarding you with an overwhelming pile of tasks, you need some simple tools to get it sorted! This session is filled with tools and techniques to simplify your life, be more productive and satisfied with what you achieve each day. Topics include:

  • Simplifying your life and ‘de-cluttering’
  • Covey’s time management matrix
  • Self-discipline and scheduling
  • ‘Eat that frog’
  • Pareto Principle
  •  ‘SMART’ goal setting
  • The 7 Habits.

You will spend three hours in this session but end up gaining many hours of valuable time previously lost to poor time management. 


MPS Training Focus Sessions are designed for optimal discussion and interaction. Our trainers use current effective facilitation techniques to ensure all learning styles and thinking preferences are addressed to ensure every unique learner achieves the key learning outcomes:


  • Describe the 10-step process towards simplifying your life
  • Use Covey’s time management matrix to identify urgent/non-urgent, important/non-important tasks
  • Incorporate simple self-discipline techniques into work and home tasks
  • Plan to make the best use of the time available, incorporating contingencies and recreation
  • Incorporate planning tools and methods into scheduling and planning, including ‘eat that frog’ and the Pareto Principle
  • Set goals that follow the SMART principle
  • Describe, and incorporate into your life, each of the ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’. 

Includes training materials plus a complimentary book: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

7 habits of highly effective people