Mind Power: Change your life by changing your mind – 3 hr Focus Session

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Course NumberPEMPFS
Course Fees$132 inc gst
Delivery ModeShort course, 1-on-1, corporate
Course Duration3 hrs

This focus session will provide an in-depth exploration of how the way you think affects everything in your life. The art of effective thinking comes through controlling your mind, which leads to changing your life ... for the better!

This focus session is designed to help you gain control over your mind. It explores:

  • Controlling day-dreaming to prevent procrastination
  • Putting a stop to negative thought patterns
  • Fine-tuning your focus in order to make things happen
  • Beating indecision.

Success comes through focus, discipline and effective thought. A mind is a powerful thing, but without a good driver it may never reach its full potential. 


MPS Training Focus Sessions are designed for optimal discussion and interaction. Our trainers use current effective facilitation techniques to ensure all learning styles and thinking preferences are addressed to ensure every unique learner achieves the key learning outcomes:

  • Identify day dreaming triggers
  • Implementing the 30/30 work/break model
  • Identify negative thought patterns
  • Use the five ‘R’s’ for negative thought stopping
  • Create a single-focus environment for high concentration work
  • Select from a variety of concentration techniques for relaxation and re-focus
  • Describe and list 7 ways to conquer indecision.


Price includes training materials plus a complimentary book: As a Man Thinketh by James Allen

as a man thinketh