Dealing with stress, change and conflict – Learning in a Nutshell™

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Course NumberDSCCLIAN
Course Fees$55 inc gst
Delivery ModeLearning in a Nutshell
Course Duration1 hr

Stress, change and conflict are inevitable aspects of life and are common in a busy changing environment.  

Being in a key role, such as an Executive or Personal Assistant, requires good stress, change and conflict management.  Issues that cause stress and conflict are often unavoidable, as is change; however, how you manage these situations is entirely within your control. This seminar introduces you to practical strategies and deeper understanding of these issues and how to remain calm, rational and help yourself and others move forward.

Topics include:

  • Pressure vs stress
  • Stress symptoms, warning indicators and the stress response
  • Stress management strategies
  • The emotional spiral of change
  • Developing change hardiness
  • The conflict process
  • Strategies for conflict resolution