Developing a sixth sense – 3 hr Focus Session

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Course NumberDSSFS
Course Fees$132 inc gst
Delivery ModeShort course, 1-on-1, corporate
Course Duration3 hrs

While this course does not actually help you to see spirits, sense world catastrophes or communicate with the dearly departed, it does help you observe, notice and ‘sense’ what needs to happen, what might happen and how it could happen before it does. Initiative is a proactive, self-starting nature that takes advantage of opportunities that others pass by. This seminar looks at methods of developing that valuable attribute, in order to put you ahead of the game.

The gift of sensing the future may seem far-fetched, but observation, some self-confidence, common-sense and a little wisdom is a very similar gift and can be developed, practised and continually improved, which is what this session is all about. Topics include:

  • Spotting opportunities
  • Building confidence
  • Identifying solutions not problems
  • Testing and framing your ideas
  • Thoughtful observation
  • Initiating wisely.

MPS Training Focus Sessions are designed for optimal discussion and interaction. Our trainers use current effective facilitation techniques to ensure all learning styles and thinking preferences are addressed to ensure every unique learner achieves the key learning outcomes: 

  • Identifying and communicating opportunities for yourself, your manager and your organisation
  • Applying techniques that boost and convey self-confidence
  • Translating problems into solutions
  • Analysing, testing and framing ideas for positive outcomes
  • Applying observation techniques that assist in predicting and responding to reactions and upcoming changes
  • Defining your boundaries (knowing when and where to take initiative) 

Price includes training materials plus a complimentary book: 1001 Ways to Take Initiative at Work by Bob Nelson

Taking Initiative