Influence and negotiation – Learning in a Nutshell™

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Course NumberINLIAN
Course Fees$55 inc gst
Delivery ModeLearning in a Nutshell
Course Duration1 hr

Why do some people always get their way? Why can some people seemingly reach consensus so quickly and easily? Come along to this Power Learning Seminar to learn the secrets of effective negotiation that you can use to influence people at all levels in order to get what you, your managers and your organisation needs! 

‘Treat everyone as you would like to be treated’ is a principle that does not always work in the real world. Understanding and adapting to individual needs and preferences is the key to strong and effective interpersonal skills. This seminar explores rapport building methods that can be applied to to developing and maintaining good relationships with people at all levels and diverse groups. 

Topics include:

  • 6 laws of influence
  • Win/win and the alternatives (from Covey’s 7 Habits)
  • 5 basic principles of negotiation
  • Phases of negotiation
  • Completing the groundwork
  • Basic bargaining techniques
  • Reaching consensus