The Effective EA full 3 day Master Program

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Course NumberEEA2013
Course Fees$792 inc gst
Delivery ModeShort course, 1-on-1, corporate
Course Duration3 days 9.30 - 4.30pm

This 3 day Master Program incorporates all 12 topics from the Effective EA Training suite. Practical and extremely valuable tips, techniques and models form a program that is designed for personal assistants, executive assistants, receptionists and administrative assistants to develop skills and knowledge that will assist them in becoming not only effective but highly sought after!

Facilitated by experienced and highly enthusiastic MPS Trainers, all topics and techniques are introduced, explored and practised using a variety of teaching techniques that cater to a variety of learning styles and thinking preferences, to ensure every learner has optimal opportunity to achieve all key learning outcomes in an interactive and inclusive environment.   

Topics include:

Understanding the modern EA role

  • Defining the modern-day assistant role
  • Understanding, accepting and managing expectations
  • Attitude!
  • Promoting your executive and your organisation
  • Perfecting your image

Prioritising, scheduling and time management

  • Modern prioritisation tools (eg Pareto principle, paired analysis, grid analysis, Covey’s matrix) 
  • Effective scheduling: tools, to-do lists and contingencies 
  • Time management tools and tips (including electronic tools, modern methods, de-cluttering and ‘eating the frog’!

Email and diary management

  • Top 5 tips for diary management
  • Flagging, colour-coding and sorting
  • Regular items to include in your manager’s schedule
  • Simple email management rules to help keep control of the dreaded inbox!
  • Email conventions for effective communication

Organising business travel

  • Understanding travel policies and restrictions
  • Asking the right questions
  • Conducting critical research
  • Creating an itinerary
  • Booking travel and accommodation
  • Preparing travel documents

Event management

  • Developing an event plan 
  • Engaging stakeholders
  • Troubleshooting and contingencies
  • Conducting a post-analysis

Plain English business writing

  • Planning and writing strategy tools: mind-mapping, CARS (Currency, Accuracy, Relevancy, Sufficiency) analysis, keep ‘em APPI communication styles
  • The psychology of analysing the audience
  • The inverted triangle writing technique
  • Australian grammar and punctuation refresher

Interpersonal skills to communicate at all levels

  • The art of rapport
  • Recognising differences in preferences, communication and personality styles and communicating with red, blue, yellow and green thinking (using the HBDI™ model)
  • Questioning and listening skills
  • Recognising and adapting to diversity

Influence and negotiation

  • 6 laws of influence
  • Win/win and the alternatives (from Covey’s 7 Habits)
  • 5 basic principles of negotiation
  • Phases of negotiation
  • Completing the groundwork
  • Basic bargaining techniques
  • Reaching consensus

Developing a sixth sense (using your initiative)

  • Spotting opportunities
  • Building confidence
  • Identifying solutions not problems
  • Testing and framing your ideas
  • Thoughtful observation
  • Initiating wisely

Upward management

  • Benefits and challenges of managing upward
  • How to present options rather than dump problems
  • Being specific in what you need
  • Gaining respect
  • Managing conflict
  • Identifying and resisting poor upward management techniques

Dealing with stress, change and conflict

  • Pressure vs stress
  • Stress symptoms, warning indicators and the stress response
  • Stress management strategies
  • The emotional spiral of change
  • Developing change hardiness
  • The conflict process
  • Strategies for conflict resolution

Adapting to form the ideal partnership with your executive

  • Recognising differences in preferences, communication and personality styles
  • Practising empathy and tolerance
  • Synergistic communication
  • Keeping your sanity with difficult bosses

Price includes training materials plus a complimentary book from our library of best sellers.

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