The MPS Story

On February 14, 2006, Mitchell Personnel Solutions now referred to as MPS was created by two business partners Tracey Mitchell and Karen Bradley. Starting in the security vetting industry they had their first client within a day which doubled by the end of the first week. This budding success forced them to move out of their humble smaller office into a larger space to accommodate the increase within the first three months. There has been no stopping them since. After their initial success and many accolades they decided to branch into other endeavours and the MPS family grew.

MPS now encompasses MPS Training, MPS Scribing, MPS Travel + Tours and MPS Background checks.

The MPS brand is about service, quality and honesty. The motto “Exceeding Expectations” was part of the business foundation and is incorporated into each aspect of business to this day.

MPS is a family owned and run business that develop and empower their staff to achieve great results on behalf of their clients.