MPS Scribes

MPS Scribes offer professional quality scribing services for public and private sector. Scribing is the accurate reflection of discussions had and decisions made within a process. The use of professional experienced scribes can save you time and ensure administrative deadlines are met.

MPS Scribes can provide quality assistance with the following:

  • Interview process with individual candidate reports and preparation of selection committee report as per agency requirements
  • Panel participation and report writing for APS and executive level interviews
  • Tender process including a summary of the tender selection process
  • Planning days and discussion forums with inclusive report including discussion items and future directions
  • Referee reports conducting and providing comprehensive reports relative to the position and selection criteria
  • Shortlisting and selection committee report meetings

Using a scribe allows management, facilitators and panel members to concentrate on the task at hand, and participate and contribute to discussions, while having the reassurance that all key information is being professionally captured.

MPS reports are delivered in a timely matter and follow Plain English Business Writing guidelines.

A selection of MPS scribes hold security clearances up to Negative Vetting level 2, if this is a requirement for your work area. Additioanlly, all MPS Scribes abide by confidentiality and privacy principles as part of their code of conduct.

Our scribes are professional and courteous at all times and can be as involved as you need in a process.

If you would like to check scribe availability please contact us.