Course Delivery Options

Short Courses

MPS Training’s short courses are informative, practical and fresh. Energetic content and delivery are designed to give you practical tools and insight to walk away with new skills ready to implement immediately. The resources included with each course are packed full of extra information and examples giving you the chance to continue learning well after you leave our comfortable learning environment.

Under each topic description you will see the delivery formats the particular course is available in.


MPS offers one-on-one training for a personalised and tailored approach to individual development. This option is available with many of our short courses as well as some of our qualification programs. The one-on-one approach also benefits those who can’t or don’t want to wait for scheduled programs.

One-one-one training can also be extended for up to three participants, still providing an individualised focus but with some added cost savings.


While MPS Training have over 30 ‘ready-to-run’ courses, we are happy to work with you to develop or customise any training course to suit your organisational goals and culture.

MPS Training have successfully developed and delivered customised training to different organisations and companies over a range of industries. Our attention to detail, creativity and innovation, plus ability to understand organisational requirements gives a very professional approach leaving participants and organisers alike very satisfied.

MPS Training have access to a number of different Profiling and Psychometric Tools making team building and professional development days unique and informative.

Please browse through our training list for ideas on current courses or contact us for inspiration.


MPS Training offers one on one coaching for professional development, ongoing skills development or performance coaching. Each situation is individually assessed to ensure the appropriate tools and coach is provided.

Coaching is designed to promote and guide learners through personal growth and development in targeted areas in a comfortable, supported and cooperative environment.

Each coaching session begins with the mentor, the organiser and the mentored, meeting together to establish the needs and outcomes of the targeted sessions.

MPS Training coaches are experienced, professional and offer evaluated learning giving you and the organiser measured results and feedback.

Ask us for more detailed information.

Learning In a Nutshell

No time for training, but still need the refresher or new skills? Let us introduce you to ‘Learning in a Nutshell’, training designed for the busy person on the run.

We have condensed our most popular and practical courses into 1 hour concentrated sessions to provide you with the core knowledge and skills you need to get going.

Quick, practical and affordable training.